The best things in life take time… and we should take our time to savour life.

Born in the lush surroundings of NSW’s Central Coast, Time Traveller Distillery - and the artisan gin and vodka it produces - is an exemplar of that rule.

The journey began in 2018 when founders Champika and Mike had a conversation with a friend at their favourite bar. Having just moved from Sydney to the Central Coast, they wanted to create something that could bring them freedom from the endless commute. Together they spoke about memory and how in a second – simply by enjoying the smell and taste of a drink – you could be transported back to another time and place.

In that moment, Time Traveller Distillery was born.

Experimenting with evocative flavours and enjoying the thrills and spills as they learned the art of cultivating spirits, Champika and Mike began distilling Time Traveller gins and vodkas. With a strong desire to engage with the community through their work they use primarily locally sourced ingredients and their home-grown botanicals.

Each numbered bottle of small batch gin and vodka is meticulously hand-crafted, drawing on Mike’s life work as an engineer and scientist, and Champika’s passion for conjuring unique flavour combinations. Simplicity and precision are key to their method.

"We have taken the years necessary to fine tune this creative process, so that you can enjoy our spirits and savour the best things: loved ones, memories and conversations.These things are the fabric of life, and we hope our spirits become a part of yours."